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Jemina Z.
"Blue Umbrella", série "Lalibela", 2007
Tirage argentique Lambda sur Papier RC Fuji Archive Velvet satiné
30X40 cm avec marges blanches.
Edition 1/15
Signé et légendé par l'artiste au dos. Signature dans la marge en bas.
©Jemina Z. ©TransAfrik Art
Livré sans cadre. Emballage soigné , à plat.

"Jemina Z is a photographer who began photography from adolescence, thanks to a high school friend who had a laboratory at home. It's started by taking portraits of people in a close environment. From travels in Africa Jemina Z brings back many photographic films, street photographs, landscapes, scenes of everyday life, but lacks the means to print them. It was at the end of the 90's, before giving up this passion for a while for different reasons. to take an interest in other forms of creation before returning to photography. Settled in France, Jemina has started taking photos again for a little over a year on very varied subjects, on very different themes ranging from the environment and "the aesthetics of chance" in nature, everything by rediscovering photographs taken in Africa in the years 2000-2010."

Jemina Z. - Blue Umbrella - Ethiopia, 2007

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